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Urban Bundle #1

How & Nosm (2013) & RAM Rua Inácio Pardelhas Sanchez, 126 Reis Crew Carcavelos Black Sneaker Marvila SKTR Amoreiras Que? Amoreiras Bordalo II Alcântara VHILS (2014) Avenida da Índia, 28

Findings of 2017 in Parede, Portugal

Painted by: 2upla This legal wall in Parede (Address: R. João de Barros 179, 2775-208 Parede) is a playground for writers and street artists like Chure, Bray, Mosaik, 2upla,  and more. If you are in Parede, and would like to see some good paintings, don’t forget to check […]

Findings of 2017 in Carcavelos, Portugal

Painted by: Ram If you are in Carcavelos don’t forget to check out the graffitis and street art done on the legal wall located near the Carcavelos high school (Address: Rua Escola Secundária de Carcavelos – Carcavelos, Lisboa). Painted by: Mosaik Painted by: Chure Painted by: Bray Painted by: […]

Freshly Painted Train Station Tunnel in Algés

Just before the 2017 edition of the NOS Alive Music Festival, the Algés train station tunnel suffered a renovation.  The CMOeiras, CP – Comboios de Portugal and IP-Infraestruturas de Portugal proposed a challenge to the artists 2Upla, Nomen, Jorge Cordeiro, Pedro Esteves and counted with the participation of about […]

Obey Giant, Streets Lisbon

Obey Giant is Out in the Streets of Lisbon

Obey, one of the world’s most respected icons in the street art scene, spread his art along the streets of Lisbon. The artist came to Portugal for the first time, invited by the Underdogs Gallery, where he is presenting a solo exhibition called “Printed Matters”, available until the […]