Urban Bundle #1

How & Nosm (2013) & RAM Rua Inácio Pardelhas Sanchez, 126 Reis Crew Carcavelos Black Sneaker Marvila SKTR Amoreiras Que? Amoreiras Bordalo II Alcântara VHILS (2014) Avenida da Índia, 28

Fast Drive Through… Loures part.1

Loures has jumped out in recent years as a national and international reference in terms of Street Art. We were there to check out the work of the manifold artists and document some of the walls. (Part.2 HERE)   Kazy Trafic Eko Skran Acer Luís Baldini Werens Kimo Aleix Gordo Hostau Amor Sokar Uno Marcamix…

Fast Drive Through… Viseu !

Viseu. One of the cities in Portugal that most progressed in terms of the street art scene, in the latest years. We went there to see and photograph some of the work done in the streets of the city by various artists, not only but under the street art festivals that have been happening, namely…

Fast Drive Through… Loures part.2

(For part 1 click HERE)   Plim Babs Zmogk   Zag & Sia     Captur Dish   1MC     Marca Mix Bubu Mr. Difuz Kurtz Amor   Chure   Mosaik

Public Art Gallery of Quinta do Mocho (Part 2)

Below you can check out the part 2 of the murals done in Quinta do Mocho, Loures. To check out part 1 please click  HERE. Tarsila Schubert Moami Eva Bracamontes Vitó Fio Silva Skio  RAF Styler Pol Corona Vhils Sen + Bean (Blubla krew) Ôje Nark Adres Theo Lopez Bailon OzeArv Risca com o que…