Recap: Tamara Alves Solo Exhibition “It´s a Pleasure To Burn” at Art Room Lisbon

It opened on the 28th of September 2017 at the Art Room in Lisbon , Tamara Alves Solo Exhibition “It´s a Pleasure To Burn” has been a success since day 1. The exhibition should be opened to the public until the 10th of October but the date of closure was extended until Saturday the 14th due to the public’s adhesion.

This exhibition is inspired by Ray Bradbury, and his masterpiece Fahrenheit 451 “It was a pleasure to burn”.
” The series of images presented in this exhibition are poetic, rebellious, exuberant, intense and sensual just like fire.
Fire consumes us and destroys us, burns us and manages to transform our inner being into something charming, warm and enveloped in eroticism and passion. We are fire.” (Source: Here)

You can still check out Tamara’s work at the Art Room until Saturday, the 14th of October from 2Pm to 7PM or you can check out some snaps we took from the exhibition, on this post.

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